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Extraction/wisdom Tooth Removal

A dental extraction, sometimes referred to as exodontia, is the removal of a tooth from the mouth.

Extractions are performed most commonly to remove teeth which have become structurally compromised or unrestorable, through tooth decay, gum disease, or trauma, especially when they are associated with toothache.

Extractions of impacted or problematic wisdom teeth are also routinely performed, as are extractions of some permanent teeth to make space for orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom tooth is the last tooth that erupts in our oral cavity at the age of around 18-25 years. There are chances of the tooth erupting even in late adulthood. In some cases, the wisdom tooth erupts smoothly, without any pain or interruption, whereas in most cases, the wisdom teeth are impacted (trapped in the gum line), poorly aligned causing food lodgement and hence, damage to the adjacent tooth and pain to the patient. In those cases, it needs to be removed to relieve the pain.

We at Dental Hub have highly skilled oral surgeons who excel at wisdom tooth removal with minimal trauma.