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Teeth Cleaning

What do we mean by teeth cleaning? For us, teeth cleaning is brushing twice a day. We generally clean our teeth by brushing on a regular basis. But the stains we get from our food habits or the plaque and calculus due to some underlying medical conditions or maybe due to poor oral hygiene, cannot be removed only by brushing. These in turn cause bad breath and bleeding from gums, if infected. In those cases, teeth cleaning by the dentist is required. The process is known as scaling or oral prophylaxis. Dental hub is one of the best dental clinics in Jamshedpur to provide bad breath treatment and teeth cleaning treatment in Jamshedpur.

Teeth cleaning/scaling is basically a routine dental procedure to maintain proper oral hygiene and prevent bad breath. It removes all the stains and calculus present on the teeth and the gums and restores a healthy gingiva and shiny teeth.

Oral prophylaxis is done by an instrument known as an ultrasonic scaler that is solely used for this purpose. This instrument works on vibration and does not cause any tooth damage.

In general, we recommend all our patients to get an oral prophylaxis done every six months to maintain the oral health. Our teeth and gums require a regular professional cleaning to be completely healthy. The food particles tends to stick on the tooth surface where it is acted upon by bacteria to form plaque. This plaque hardens to form calculus. If not cleaned, this becomes infected and causes swelling of the gingiva which further leads to loosening of the teeth and eventual tooth loss. So, it is very important to get your teeth and gums routinely cleaned by a professional dental surgeon.

Oral prophylaxis is a painless procedure and requires about 20-30 mins time. It is absolutely safe and causes no damage to the tooth enamel. So, if you are also having stained teeth, bad breath or bleeding from gums you are welcome at Dental Hub, the one stop solution for all your dental problems.